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Tresanton Hotel: Review

Tresanton hotel is one of the most formidable hotels in Cornwall. It is also one of the best choice hotels for travellers and tourists. It was founded by Olga Polizzi’s. It has highly sophisticated and stylish buildings situated in a very attractive community of St. Mawes in Cornwall County.

Cornwall County is a famous county in the Celtic region and is a popular tourist destination. Located in the Southwest of England.

Tresanton Hotel

Tresanton boasts of quality furniture designs that get a lot of admiration, this is because there is so much focus on sustaining high standards of furniture artistry. This is evident with its attractive fabrics and muted florals embedded inside bluish and whitish-colored retro armchair sets. Every room in Tresanton hotels offers an excellent view of St. Anthony’s Lighthouse.

There are many outstanding rooms in Tresanton grouped under different classes.

However, among this classification of rooms, the most attractive of all is the Master Suite, which features a crow nest terrace and a wood-burning stove located in the lounge.

In the vicinity of Tresanton hotels, you have got some attractive amenities such as the beach club which is usually bubbling with a lot of fun to catch and sure tourists and visitors would not be bored.

Average price

Tresanton has got one fascinating building, world-class designs, and a host of other features. The average price of rooms in Tresanton hotels is £230. However, the prices tend to fluctuate during different seasons. There are seasons when the prices are high and there are seasons when the prices are low. The breakdown of the pricing goes thus
For double rooms, it cost £225 per night during low season and it cost £290 during high-demand seasons

St. Anthony's Lighthouse
Busiest season

The busiest season for Tresanton hotel is during the summer holidays. It is usually busy as visitors come from around the world for a vacation experience. Family vacation is also very prominent during this season


Located in the offshore area of St Mawes village situated on the Peninsula of Roseland. It is on a hillside. Because of its location on the hillside, it has an attractive view of the sea extending away from it. The neighborhood of Tresanton is really exciting with lots of activities and marketplaces to keep visitors and tourists engaged.

St Mawes Castle

The neighborhood has a Harbor, St Mawes Castle which is just less than 15 minutes from the hotel. Also, the neighborhood has a lot of galleries and cafés which are also busy. The Harbor has also helped to boost attraction with a lot of activities going on there. Activities like sea kayaking, crabbing, ferrying, and many more.

All of these activities are ongoing almost throughout the day. Making the area a hotspot that is bobbling with activities. Also because of its offshore location, it is not uncommon to find a lot of coastal walks.

The quality of Designs

Quite a lot of work was done to make the quality of design of Tresanton hotels a star hotel. This was because they had to redesign it. The effort was spearheaded by Olga Polizzi who is also the founder of.

Tresanton Hotel
The quality of Designs

Quite a lot of work was done to make the quality of design of Tresanton hotels a star hotel. This was because they had to redesign it. The effort was spearheaded by Olga Polizzi who is also the founder of the hotel. It took about 2 years to complete.

This was completed in the year 1998. Today’s design of Tresanton is reflective of the unique touch of its owner who is also an astute designer. Her approach to design is a combination of antiquity arts, color combination, and sculptor arts.

This approach has ensured that the hotel gives the best experience to its visitors. Little Wonder many see Tresanton as a place to relax. The furniture works are also awesome.

Services and amenities

Tresanton is a hotel with excellent service and amenities that makes it attractive and a good choice for an offshore retreat in every season.

It’s located on a hill facing the sea and thus makes it cool. The services provided by the staff of Tresanton are not short of excellence. They are efficient and very friendly, you can never bother them.
The amenities present at Tresanton are nothing short of amazing. They include a Pinuccua, garden, and cinema rooms. Tresanton provides games with a lot of recreational games that make periods like summer great.

  • A Parking lot
  • A great Restaurant
  • Room service
  • A top-notch Bar
  • Efficient Laundry service
  • A great Pool
  • Excellent Wi-Fi connection
  • A Beach

Tresanton has about thirty rooms which consist of 4 suites and 5types of interconnected rooms. However only 2 of these rooms have sea views facing St Anthony’s lighthouse. Every room in Tresanton has its unique design of colors and furniture. But generally, you would find duvet trays meant for tea, executive bathroom, and the likes

Foods and Hospitality

Tresanton has got a quality hospitality team committed to delivering quality services. They are friendly and are always there to help. Tresanton has World-class restaurant headed by Paul

Wadham who is the most senior chef and other crew of outstanding chefs and waiters who deliver outstanding services that are sure to make the visitor very comfortable.

Varieties of food to expect from the restaurant are majorly local foods. On the flip side, the restaurant tends to prepare some of the best fish dishes.

Accessibility to physically challenged individuals

Although Tresanton has got unique designs and luxurious space which is very attractive, due to the location of Tresanton which is located on a hill, it is not accessible to physically challenged individuals.

Suitable for a family vacation?

It is not uncommon to have a family vacation, especially during the summer period. And so families tend to look for hotels. Interestingly, Tresanton has got a family package.

They have got what they call 3 family suites made up of playrooms, gardens, and playhouses. In the Playroom, you’d find stuff like fishing nets and crabbing.

Kids have what to do and what to play with to make their stay a memorable one.

Also, their restaurant covers children’s meals. Also, provision is available for families to dine together.


Tresanton hotel has got good reviews, it is not surprising because they have excellent designs and world-class service in an amazing neighborhood. It is great choice for visitors Cornwall.

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