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Maldron Hotel Deals

Maldron Hotels has hotel extensions in various locations in continental Europe, the UK and Ireland. These clusters of hostels are located in strategic spots in these regions. These hotels offer the best hotel and hospitality services to visitors.  Here is the list of hotels across the UK and Ireland.

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Belfast is one of the most prominent cities in Ireland. There are two Maldron Hotels located in Belfast

Maldron Hotel in Belfast

Maldron Hotels is located at the heart of Belfast in Northern Ireland providing standard hotels to visitors and tourists in need of a cheap and decent hotel to have fun or carry out their businesses. Its strategic location gives good access to the city. Its location is not far from hot tourist centres like the Giant’s Causeway Centre, Titanic Centre, and the rest. Each of the rooms in Maldron Hotel Belfast are well built and designed for comfort and pleasure. It is a great hotel for a nice vacation.

Maldron Hotel

Maldron Hotel Belfast International Airport

It is located right within the Belfast International Airport. It is very close to the main terminal of the airport with a distance of 50m. With just a few minutes’ walk to the terminal entry point. It isn’t short of the standard and it offers travellers especially travellers with world-class hotel service that makes them comfortable while they wait for their next flight. Apart from the proximity to the Belfast International Airport which of course is a great advantage, the hotel also prides itself on comfortable luxury rooms that are executive super nice and not too expensive. Travelling through Belfast International Airport?  Consider Maldron Hotel Belfast International Airport.

Maldron Hotel

Cork City is the 2nd largest city in Ireland. It is one of the cities in Ireland attracting thousands of tourists.  Maldron Hotel has 2 different hotels in this city, located in strategic locations that give good access to the city.

Maldron Hotels in Cork.

A signature of Maldron world-class hotels in Ireland, 2nd largest city with beautiful attractive sites. Maldron has 2 hotels in this city

Maldron Shandon Cork

It is one of the newest hotels in Maldron. It is a 4-star hotel with excellent facilities such as a standard Pool and a standard Gym.  It is located in the centre of Cork centre. Visitors can leverage this strategic location in the wonderful city of Cork. It is close to Shopping Street, Opera lane, and many other attractive locations in Cork city. The rooms are designed with comfort and maximum pleasure. It has an attractive modern design. The staffs also are there to offer excellent services. Seeking a great hotel for a romantic getaway or Business?  Maldron Hotel Shandon is perfect.

Maldron Hotel South Mall Cork

Like every other Maldron hotel with a strategic location, Maldron Hotel South MallCork is no exception. Its location in the city brings it closer to a major hotspot for fun and relaxation. The workers are also on the ground to give warm welcome and attend to every need raised.  It is perfect for visitors, single couples, or families, it is a great choice, and offers something to make the getaway a wonderful adventure.

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Galway offers such beautiful experiences. Maldron Hotels is there to spice it up with 2 hotels.

Maldron Hotel Oranmore Galway

It is a 4-star built to give tourists adventurous hospitality that they will never forget in a hurry. Whether it is a romantic experience or business or family bonding experience. It’s situated on the city outskirts, offering excellent service, world-class facilities, and spacious space to park.

Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway.

It is situated so close to the heart of Galway. Offering underground parking.  It is a great 4-star hotel that offers nothing short of excellence. A space for romance with your partner? Business or family bonding?? Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway is a good choice


As some call it Londonderry. It is a city in Northern Ireland that has so many attractions. This is due to its historical significance. Derry is well known for the 7 gates 18th-century wall. Maldron has just 1 hotel situated in a strategic location in the city

Maldron Hotel Derry

Maldron Hotel Derry offers visitors and tourists a comfortable hotel situated in the centre of the city. Gives a good view of the city and a suitable location where you can navigate to any other part of the City. From Maldron Hotel Derry you easily navigate yourself to the 17th-century wall for exploration. There are a total of 93 room newly refurbished with state-of-the-art designs and suite that makes for comfort. Within the hotel premises, there is a newly constructed gym and s standard restaurant that would serve visitors. Visiting Derry?? Maldron Hotel Derry is just a perfect choice.

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The capital of Ireland is an attractive city for visitors. Maldron Hotels has about

Maldron Hotel
Maldron Hotel
Maldron Hotel Dublin Hotel

Close to the International Airport.  After just three minutes of walking to the main terminal. It offers wonderful accommodation for travellers. The rooms are comfortable nice and soundproof. This is done to ensure you get the much-needed refreshment you need after a stressful journey. The restaurant services are just excellent. Travelling through Dublin?? Then Maldron Dublin Hotel is a great place to lodge.

Maldron Hotel Kelvin Street

Located in the centre of the city with a few minutes’ walk to famous places like St Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street.  It is a good hotel for vacations and resorts in Dublin. The rooms are so comfy and are designed to give visitors and tourists good rest that will make them refresh. Also the restaurant with good cuisine. It is a good place to be for vacation.

Maldron Hotel
Maldron Hotel Merrion Road

Located in a strategic location close to Ballsbridge, Donnybrook, and Blackrock. Gives a good view and good Public service. The rooms are super comfortable with modern interior designs that are comfortable and convenient. The restaurant service is superb and offers some of the best local and international cuisine.  Looking for a decent hotel in Dublin? This surely would serve you right

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Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross

Situated along N7 Naas Road around M50 junction. With an elegant design at a strategic position. The Hotel has got well-designed rooms with modern interior decor. The rooms are conducive for sleep and would sure refresh you. You can expect to have an excellent experience with Maldron

Maldron Hotel Parnell Square

Standard 4-star hotel close to Connell Street. It has a modern design and facilities. One of the best hotels for vacation and resorts. There are about 183 rooms that are fully AC. These rooms are super convenient. You also have access to a bar and restaurant to service your needs. The hospitality culture there is outstanding. You are sure to enjoy your stay there.

Maldron Hotel
Maldron Hotel Pearse Street.

A well-built and designed 4-star hotel around. Built close to the Grand Canal Square, a short Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and Dublin’s Silicon Docks. Perfect place for a romantic trip. It has access to a good public facility… its proximity is to the centre of the town with access to good public amenities. The rooms are exclusive suites that are decent ad comfy. Desiring a good hotel?? Then Maldron Hotel Pearse Street. Is a great choice.

Maldron Hotel Smithfield

A perfect hotel for a great romantic or business getaway. With a total of 92 rooms. These rooms come in different sizes and classes. You have rooms for 2 persons and 3 persons and executive suites. All these rooms come in various prices that are pocket friendly.  The restaurant service is great and offers nice cuisine that covers different types of food prepared by expert chefs. You are sure to like it as it offers visitors a good service to make the getaway worth it.

Maldron Hotel Tallaght

Situated in a strategic location around N81 Street. Situated in a busy area with access to social amenities. Maldron Hotel Tallaght offers affordable hotel service that is cheap and yet super comfortable. It has 119 rooms fully equipped with all that brings comfort. The restaurant service is excellent. It is a perfect choice for a vacation.

The Samuel Hotel

It is a wonderful hotel with good design. It is suitable for all types of getaways. It is a new 4-star hotel situated in a social hotspot location. The rooms are well designed with good interior decor that makes visitors comfortable. The restaurant and bar services are also great.

Belvedere Hotel

Located on the Georgian terrace of Dublin.  Its location is close to good social amenities and offers an excellent view of the city. Offers comfort and pleasure to visitors. Standard rooms. Standard bar and restaurant.  It is perfect for getaways and resorts of all types, for the family business, and for romance

Hotel 7

Offers excellent services to Visitors and tourists to Dublin. It is comfortable and situated in a serene environment, with 51 rooms located in the heart of the city. Hotel 7 offers decent accommodation and hospitality service. Good bar, restaurant. It has all you need to enjoy. It surely is a good choice for a perfect vacation.


A county in Ireland, this county is usually associated Midland region. The city is one of Ireland’s most attractive cities attracting tourists and visitors in their numbers

Maldron Hotel
Maldron Hotel Portlaoise

Located in Laois. It offers one of the best services in Laois. It has good facilities in a good location. It is a good hotel for vacation. It is a 3-star hotel with special services. It is affordable, the rooms are comfortable. The restaurant and bar services are top-notch. It is always a nice hotel for any type of getaway/


It is one of the most prominent cities in Ireland. It is also a city that has medieval-era buildings that help to attract tourists. Maldron has 1 hotel in this city.

Maldron Hotel Limerick

Its location is close to Shannon airport. It is one of the best choices for visitors who wish to stay close to the airport. The rooms are awesome as they are comfortable to get refreshing sleep. The restaurant and bar services are also excellent.  It is a great choice for vacations and resorts.


One of the cities in Ireland. It is situated in the southeast region of Ireland. The city has many medieval structures that make it attractive to tourists and visitors. Maldron has 1 hotel in this city.

Maldron Hotel Wexford.

It is situated on the outskirts of Wexford.  It is not far from Dublin. It offers standard hotel service that accommodates families with its family-style suite. It is located in a serene and spacious environment.  It has got good designs and excellent hospitality staff that are available to be of help and make a great vacation and resort experience.

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Hotels across the UK

Maldron Hotel Glasgow City is situated around Renfrew Street and Renfield Street. It offers one of the best hotel services in Scotland.

Manchester City

Maldron has one of the best Hotel services in the city of Manchester.  Never forget that Manchester City is one of the social bubbling cities in the UK attracting lots of tourists and visitors. With great social amenities and ever active street almost 24/7. Maldron offers the visitor comfortable and nice rooms that would assure a great vacation

Maldron Hotel Manchester City

One of the newly built world-class hotels that offer good services at the heart of the ever-bubbling city of Manchester. It is a good choice. Maldron Hotel Manchester City has big and spacious rooms with state-of-the-art designs and furniture that are sure to wow visitors.


It is located in Southeast England, and the city is known for arts, business and manufacturing. Maldron has 1 hotel in this city.

Maldron Hotel Newcastle

It is situated in the centre of Newcastle. It offers a 4-star hotel service in a location of activities. From this location, you can get access to good restaurants and social services.  The rooms are executive with amazing décor.  They offer the best services for vacations and resorts.